Minecraft has a diverse amount of servers that can be played on. If you want to play by yourself or with friends, Multiplayer is here for that. On version v1.0.10, multiplayer was finally released. The only way to get in? Private Invitation

One of these 3 servers being shown, is Mineplex. Mineplex was a great server when It was first released, it was a hit! It started with one minigame then built itself to the popularity it has today, alass it may not be most popular server but it is up there

The second of the 3 servers listed on this website is the Hive, this server is one on the most popular servers in the world! As it has a variety of minigames that players enjoy.

Finally, Hypixel. This is the world's largest server and is the most diverse for players around the world. Hypixel is a great server with many great features that players can enjoy.